I literally cannot deal with people who are hot and cold. If you don’t like me, then tell me. Don’t pretend. Don’t be two-faced. Don’t talk to me like nothing’s wrong and then ignore me the next minute. I have enough bullshit going on without having to deal with trying to read minds along with it.

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future fc fc: odette yustman type: gifs q
favorite character meme: [1/3] emotions
- fear

future fc fc: bethany joy lenz type: gifs q

fc: rdj type: gifs


            i t  w e a r s  y o u  d o w n —-
            slowly, not all at once
            like a tire that’s lost
            every inch of tread.

                        You start to slip,
                                  sliding along the asphalt.

            That’s what this life does,
            life in the seat of a car,
            life on the road ———-
            i t  w e a r s  y o u  d o w n

muse: hadley ainsworth type: muse q

an old-fashioned music box. ( listen )


when people get pissed and stop talking to you because they don’t agree with something your character did

when people use ooc information in in character interactions

when people don’t actually tell you when they’re mad at you and force you to guess about what they’re mad at

when people

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fc: tyler posey muse: mason cartwright type: gifs q

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lydialaheyed: "If there’s no food I’m going home." Alex/Hadley


It’s nearly a month into the school year and Alex has yet to really bond with her roommate. She understands that the two of them are basically strangers, but she’s made more progress with the cashier at the dining hall than with Hadley. It’s no secret that Alex is the more vivacious of the two, and that in itself made the first week interesting enough. Where Alex had made a point of hitting a few parties to get herself involved in the social scene, it’d seemed that Hadley had hit the books. Despite Alex’s attempts to bring Hadley into her social life, she’s usually met with more resistance than she wants to fight. But she’s determined to get Hadley out this one time. There’s a party a few halls over that Alex has been invited to, and she’s going to drag Hadley out kicking and screaming if she has to. 

"It’s just one party, come on.” She pleads, sprawled out on her bed with her hands under her chin. “You can’t stay in here forever. Besides, that guy from Warren’s class is going, and you can’t tell me he hasn’t caught your eye a time or two.” That comment earns her a glance from Hadley, and Alex smiles wide despite the exasperation in Hadley’s gaze. “I knew that’d get your attention. He can’t stay single forever you know. Not to mention, this would be a great opportunity to show him what you’re working with.” In a fluid motion, Alex bounds off of her bed and walks towards Hadley’s closet, rummaging a bit before pulling out a top that hangs low on the back. Holding it up, Alex smiles and shakes it gently. “This would be great for the occasion, too.” A noise of protest leaves Hadley’s lips, but Alex can tell she’s starting to get through to her. “Hadley, please? I’ll get you enough ice cream to last you a week.” Sticking her lower lip out slightly, Alex watches as Hadley’s lips twitch up as though she’s trying to hold back a smile.

Finally, Hadley sighs and holds out her hand for the top. Alex squeals and rushes forward, handing Hadley the shirt and clapping her hands together. Hadley fixes her with a glance and shakes her head softly. "If there’s no food, I’m going home."

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